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Idea Italy Contract grows out by the fusion of technical, creative and management skills of Architects, Managers and Artisans. They have a common passion and ten years experience in realization of interior design and architectural pieces. Our strength is the capacity of offering a complete service, we are proud of creating what we design starting from needs and wishes of customers, managing and coordinating for him all the process. The value of our offer is an interdisciplinary approach leading customer with a professional service in all steps.


Our aim is to combine different experiences acquired in Italy and international backgrounds. We join technical and design ability, deep knowledge of technology and materials, details attention, competence in managing working sites and important projects in international contexts, cooperating with important suppliers and design brands. 


We believe in an evolution of the architect, who, as in Renaissance, comes back to play a conscious and fundamental role in design development pursuing technical and operative process keeping the same principles. With the same idea, we believe in engagement of the artisan during the design stage. In this evolution, a team plays the designer role. The team integrates different knowledge, specialization and professional experiences managing continuously all the stages and keeps under its control all commitments and responsibility.

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